About Us

We have been the advisor of choice among top companies seeking guidance and counsel on senior leadership needs for 30 years.


We are a boutique executive search firm in Mexico. Identifying, assessing and recruiting senior-level executives for preeminent organizations.
For more than three decades we have helped organizations build thriving, high performance management teams.
Our experience has taught us that companies are unique, each with a distinct culture and set of values. Every search is unique.

Our misssion is to identify and recruit thriving, high performance leaders for our clients.



Argüelles Capital Ejecutivo has long been a proponent of the value of people.People who can capture the imagination of the maketplace, unleash ideas and energy in the people around them , and win the trust and confidence of investors and the organization.
It is people after all , who shape and grow strategy, capital, products and brand, and all elements that constitute the entity we think of each time the word “company” is used.

Driving performance through great people. People who can add significantly to the value of an organization.